Search Engine Optimization

For sure you already know about the fact that the search engine optimization – is the reliable source of attraction to your site of purposeful (interested) audience from the search systems and most powerful in the present time tool of advertisement in the Internet.

Your site – this is the not simply additional attribute of your company, but the full-fledged marketing tool, which informs audience about the goods and the services to company it is effective their selling.

Therefore the search engine optimization of this site – this is the complex technological process, which depends and which requires the calculation of many factors, including a constant study of the changing algorithms of search systems. To entrust this work better acknowledged professionals, masters of its matter. Indeed on this work depends, in that number, your profit.

Our company works on the market for the advance of sites in the search systems (SEO) and marketing of search machines (SEM) it is more than 5 years.

In this time the clients, who now on the support, has already been convinced of the quality of work and reliability of our company and many sent to us the thank you letters.

That wants the client, ordering the service of the advance of the site:

You, for sure, among this list found your requirements. Our experience and results of work make it possible to speak with confidence , that we know, what our clients want. Moreover, we know how to realize their expectations. Your expectations.

How we differ ourselves from other companies, which propose services on optimization and advance of the sites:

By attentive approach to each client. We study the business of client and it is built its work with the maximum effect for the client.

By safety, we will reach result by exceptionally white methods even it is guaranteed, that not one site of client falls under the sanctions of search systems because of our work.

By financial guarantees, we in writing guarantee the results of our work in the agreement, which the sides sign. In the case of the absence of result – we return money.

Constant accountability. Our client at any moment sees the current state of his site in the search systems. Regular account – one additional proof of reliability and responsibility of our company.

If you already made a decision and selected our company in order to increase its profit by means of the competent use of tools of Internet- marketing, then simply make the order for the search engine optimization. But if you still have questions, then we with the pleasure will help you to find answers on them.

The spinup of site in our company consists of several stages, each of which is necessary for the successful reaching of result.

First stage – this the optimization of the site. Optimization – is the preparation of site for the advance. The analysis of the technical and text part of the site is produced in this stage, it is produced SEO (search engine optimization)- Audit the site, which makes it possible to reveal what at the present moment there are problems of site with the search systems. In the same stage are accomplished writing technical task for the correction of all errors on the site, writing the texts, which satisfy the requirements of search systems.

After this, is achieved the introduction of the points to the site designating in TZ. After introduction completed are carried out the corresponding checkings, site is transferred in the advance. The second stage begins SEO. In this stage the specialists develop the texts of references and place references on the specially selected resources of the Internet.

As a result site reaches the required positions. The third stage here begins – the support of the result reached.