Need New Customers? Blog About It!

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With all the different types of social media available, it is hard to recognize what will benefit your type of business most.  In addition, blogging is easily the most time consuming.  However, it can also be the most lucrative.

According to HubSpot, organizations that blog regularly attract 55% more visitors, get 97% more back hyperlinks and have 434% more listed web pages than organizations without blogs. The more often a company blogs, the more visitors  it will be able to produce. Businesses that produce at least 20 websites monthly produce over five times more visitors than those that produce less than four monthly. Additionally, organizations that blog at least 20 times monthly produce four times more visitors than those without a blog. Clearly, high-quality company writing a blog has actual value. Understand how to take your promotion to the next level.

Who Should Blog?
Effective blogs need a serious commitment and a significant investment of time, energy and effort for thinking, research and the actual writing. CEOs who blog are rare; their range of responsibilities and obligations usually prevent them from having any time to write period.  therefore it is important to find a person who specializes in blogging.  This person should be enthusiastic about your company, creative, hardworking and have obviously be a good writer. If you do not have such an individual within your company, you can always seek the services of an another organization (iGenii!) to blog for you.

What Subjects Should Your Blog Cover?
Topics should be tailored to benefit your customer.  Because social media is about interaction and not just selling to them, information that is both relevant and useful to them as a resource helps both your customer as well as the relationship they have with you.   Therefore, as yourself these questions from a customer standpoint:

What are their goals?
What problems and difficulties do they battle with?
Where else do they seek industry-related content?

In addition, think about the skills and experience that your business has and tap into key resources (the more unique, the better):

Employees who are experienced writers or good on camera.
Customer surveys.
Insider sources with regards to your item or service.
A network of market connections.
Compelling advice from meeting keynote speakers.
Your customer service representatives who know and interact with your customers will be able to provide highly valuable insight into what hot-button problems exist to cultivate helpful material.

What Are Your Blogging Goals?

As with any new business venture, it is always important to have goals.  Ultimately, businesses need to increase revenue and customers.  Therefore, align any and all blogs to help support this.

Before Your Blog!

The most important piece of information you should walk away with before you blog is to make sure that you come across as a person.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to showcase personality as opposed to a carefully choreographed company approved message.  People respond to blogs that speak to them and that typically is due to the personality behind it.  Therefore, avoiding the sales-ey language is an absolute must (afterall, this is social media and not direct marketing).

Ultimately, you are looking to produce interesting, resourceful, and fun content that will really speak to your viewers.  After all, the best content that you can produce is one that moves your customer to share it on their own (free advertising!).  Curating  public material —social sharing—is what your material must do to boost SEO and increase visitors. Creating highly shareable content that does this is the greatest challenge and should be the objective for blogging.

Sound off below with your thoughts and if you need help with your blogging or SEO efforts, contact us at 212.932.7483.