5 WordPress Plugins That Will Help Your Site’s SEO

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One of the most important things that I like to stress with any clients when it comes to maintaining a blog is that a consistent effort is the most important component.  Even without heavy traffic or readership (which NEVER happens overnight), the benefit of blogging is that it can help your site’s SEO.  By improving your site’s SEO, you become more visible to potential customers and therefore increase the likely hood of finding new business.  So if anything, maintaining a steady blog for the sole purpose of boosting your site’s SEO is reason enough to continue putting effort into your blog for more long term results. Here are WordPress plugins that will make improving your SEO that much easier.

  1. All in One SEO Pack (link)
    • All in One SEO Pack is probably the most important plugin on this list.  This plugin allows you to set up custom titles for all of your pages as well as the description and keywords. This plugin also helps with any kind of canonical issues your site might be having and will help prevent the Search Engines from thinking you have duplicate content issues.
  2. Yet Another Related Post Plugin (link)
    • Yet Another Related Post is a great plugin, not only for your readers to help keep them on your blog, but it is a great tool for SEO. It helps manage the internal linking on your blog and helps give relevancy to the page because you are showing related posts.  Lastly, it show the search engines that your blog has continuity.
  3. Yoast Breadcrumbs (link)
    • Yoast Breadcrumbs… I just recently started utilizing this plugin a lot more. If you know anything about SEO you know that breadcrumbs are a great way to help the search bots navigate through your site other than trying to do so via the menu. Along with assisting the search engines, it makes it easier for users see where they are in relation to your site. If your blog has many categories and sub categories I highly recommend this plugin as it will help with the continuity of your site.
  4. WP to Twitter (link)
    • This plugin is essential if you run a twitter account for you blog (which you should!). This will save you a lot of time by automatically posting updates to Twitter, every time you update your blog. This way you won’t have to go and update twitter every time you make a change to your blog. Be mindful of the settings though so you don’t overly spam your twitter account if you update the blog multiple times in a day.
    • Another route you can go is to use a plugin called WPing.FM what this plugin does is that it sends your updates to your ping.fm account which will then auto update all the services you have signed up with them. This is a great tool if you are utilizing multiple social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  5. Google XML Sitemap (link)
    • This is a nice little plugin to have so you don’t have to spend your time going out and sending your xml sitemap to all the different search engines. This plugin will do it all for you. It will create the XML Sitemap as well as ping it to all the major search engines as well as some of the minor ones.

While there are far more plugins that you can find, these are at least a great starting point.  Sound off below on your thoughts on these WP plugins or if you have any other recommended plugins to help improve a site’s SEO.  In the meantime, contact us at 718.932.7483 if you need help with SEO for your company.