[Video] Instagram Introduces Insta-Tagging!

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Instagram’s, the social photo sharing app owned by Facebook, just released a new update that allows users to finally tag other users (“Insta-Tagging”!).  While Insta-tagging is not the official sanctioned term, I feel that it is fitting nonetheless and that the new feature will be a welcomed in large by the Instagram community.

Prior, users could only add photos and mention who was in the photo with the “@” sign.  However, those that were tagged had no way of sorting through just photos of themselves.  Now, there is a new feed at the top of the users profile page called “Photos of You” that will feature any and all tagged photos. of each user

Check out the video Instagram featured on their blog heralding the new feature:

Are you excited about the new feature? Or are you still trying to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter? Sound off with your thoughts below and stay tuned for the business implications of Insta-Tagging. In the meantime, if you want help with your social media activity, contact us at 212.932.7438.