[Infographic] 2013 News Consumption Breakdown

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With the rise of digital media, people are increasingly finding their news from different sources rather than traditional print media.  But what exactly does it look like?  Considering the fact that most people have mobile devices in some form or another and on-the-go internet access, the way that people hear and read about news is constantly changing.  Check out this infographic that shows off what the landscape for news consumptions is looking like as of 2013.

If there was ever a reason to seriously consider a responsive web design, it would be this: 50% of Americans own a tablet or smart phone.  But because of this reason, it should be no surprise that the mobile movement has made it easier for people to receive their news on the go.

It seems as though TV is still the main source for where people find news, but digital news has already surpassed newspapers and radio.  How long until you think digital news or even just digital media completely replaces TV?

One of the most important things to realize about news today is that it is no longer discovered by actual news sources.  Impressively, in the latest poll, social media ranked higher for the way that people received their news.  It makes sense when you think about the fact that Facebook and Twitter sees such high usage and news stories get posted and reposted daily.  Prior to social media, it was possible to not know what was going on.  Nowadays, as long as you are on Facebook or Twitter (and over 1 billion are) it is almost impossible to not know what’s going on.  Take a look at the top trending stories from the last year:

Are you surprised by where people get their news?  Or did you forget that there was such a thing like print media and actual new outlets?  What do you think the landscape for news consumption will look like in 5-10 years?  Sound off below!