[Infographic] The True Reach of Facebook on Mobile

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Check out the latest infographic that shows the true reach of Facebook in relation to the growing mobile world that we live in.  Highlights include:

- 75% of the worlds population now has a mobile phone.

- 50% of U.S. Phone subscriptions are smart phones.

- Facebook has 955 million active users.

- 57% of active users are using mobile devices.

- People spend more time on Facebook than any other US mobile platform by about 100% more than the runner-up (Google).

These numbers are astounding and truly show why all businesses need to adapt NOW in order to survive the next few years where they predict there will be more mobile subscriptions than people!  Furthermore, the 57% of Facebook users on mobile devices are only growing which only reinforces Facebook’s latest move to adapt responsive design.

Are you surprised by some of these facts?  Sound off below.  Furthermore, if you need to upgrade your website to responsive design or want help to make your Facebook presence mobile friendly, contact us at 212.932.7483.