[Videos] How to Use Vine & Best Tips for Businesses

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Last week, I blogged about Twitter’s New Vine App and discussed some of the potential marketing opportunities it gives a business or brand.  Thinking that I might have gotten ahead of myself (which I often do), I figured it pertinent to offer some resources so you (my dedicated reader) can see how to use it.  Check out this quick review that I found which explains how easy it is to start creating your 6-second videos in no time!

And as a bonus, (assuming that you’ve now mastered how to create a 6-second video), here is a quick run down on 3 essential things that businesses should take account of when using it for promotional purposes (hint: #hashtag!).

Was Vine easy to pick up for you?  Are you having any fun with it?  Sound off below!  And if you have any questions on how to best adapt Vine to your social strategy, contact us at: 888-424-4932 or 7718-932-7483.