How to Build Customer Loyalty and Convert Them to Brand Advocates

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Building customer loyalty is the cornerstone to any successful business.   After All, it’s more cost effective to keep happy customers than attempt to recruit new ones.  While nothing replaces world class products and great customer service, it is still not enough.  Now that social media is part of the equation, this loyalty CAN and SHOULD be converted to brand advocates: passionate customers who promote your brand of their own accord. Here are 6 strategies to help you kick your word of mouth into high gear.

Make it easy to follow you: This is a no-brainer and should be the first step.  Make all links to your social media accounts accessible and clearly visible on your website.  How can they follow you if they cannot even find you?  Look on any website nowadays and you will see links for their social platforms.  Figure a prominent way to feature this on your side immediately.

Make it easy to find you: Make sure to use your brand name, or as close as possible, on the major networks and list your company name and URL in your social media account descriptions. Sounds simple, but so many businesses miss this step when setting up accounts. Getting the right infrastructure in place goes a long way to helping you build your social following.

Start with your existing customers: Before you start to invest time and money into advertising, make sure that you start connecting with your current customer first.  Remember, this is the customer that already likes or follows you.  Make sure to keep them happy by finding out what they need, what they like, and just starting a dialogue with them.  This will go along way in getting them to respond positively do your content.  Which brings us to our next strategy:

Social Media exclusive promotions: People love free stuff so be prepared to give something to your customer in exchange for loyalty.  Since social media offers it’s own platform for advertising, having special deals and promotions that they can find on your Facebook page would be a great way to get them to like your page.  Once you have them as a fan you can now…

Gear content directly to your customers: The easy part (unfortunately) is to get your customer to like your page.  The hard part is keeping their attention.  In order to target this, it is best that you provide contend tailored to their needs.  This will allow you to stay within their good graces (within their newsfeed) which is essentially free advertising for your business.  Do market research to find out what your fans needs and provide content that gives them value, whether it is something that makes them laugh, periodical discounts, or just help solving problems in their lives.

Actively engage with your customers: One of the points that I constantly stress through all of my blogs is that when it comes to social media, it’s all about engagement.  It’s not enough that business are “doing social” but making sure that they are actually “being social”.  Sounds simple enough but you would be surprised at how most businesses these days don’t understand this simple concept.  So with your Facebook or Twitter account, it’s not enough to only engage with customers who have questions.  Reach out and start conversations.  When customers tweet or comment on your content, thank them or try to stoke the conversation so it keeps going.

How do you feel your current brand advocacy works?  Feel free to share any success stories that you may have and be sure to contact us if you have any questions 888-424-4932 or 718-932-7483.